Administrative Services

Legal Posture

CBA is approved by the Maryland Dept. of Education as a board recognized school specifically approved to oversee home schooling programs. Enrolled students are exempt from any oversight by the state or county.

Student Record Keeping

The academy is a state board recognized K – 12 program. CBA, like any school, maintains central student records, issues official transcripts and transferable high school credits along with a high school diploma.

Program Development and Oversight

CBA is available to assist parents in designing an individualized course of study. Curriculum is based on the student’s interests, areas of special need or ability, and learning style. Home education allows the program to be tailored to the student instead of the student being fit to the program. Academy staff provide regular student file reviews in order to help parents evaluate the pace and content of each student’s program and to assist the families in assessing areas of need. CBA families meet face-to-face with the CBA staff to review programs, grades, and progress.

Standardized Tests

Standardized testing (IOWA Basic Tests) are offered for academy students in grades 4th – 8th. The PSAT/National Merit ScholarshipQualifying Test (SAT preparation) and ASVAB (aptitude guidance) testing is offered for academy high school families.

Special Education Consultant

Our licensed special education staff consultant is available to develop individualized academic programs (an I.E.P.) as well as oversee the home-education programs for a limited number of enrolled students with learning differences.