CBA Program Agreement & Policies

The following policies have been established by the Cedar Brook Academy Board and apply to those families who have children enrolled in Cedar Brook Academy (CBA).

  • Tuition – Annual tuition begins July 1st and is based on the grade of the oldest student enrolled in CBA with one rate for families with students in K-8 and a different rate for families with one or more enrolled high school students. Tuition payment may be paid in full at the beginning of the tuition year (July), or monthly (by the end of each month). Questions regarding monthly billing charges or billing policy can be directed to Diane Branham at the CBA office (301) 528-6705.
  • Payment of Fees – Families choosing to pay monthly will receive a monthly summary of tuition and other fees assessed during the prior month. Account balances are due by the last day of the month, and any accounts with past due amounts by the 10th day of the next month will be assessed a $10 late charge. It is the responsibility of the family to pay the balance in full. Families with balances over 90 days (with 3 late fees assessed) will be dropped from enrollment. Complete payment of all accounts for a school year is required prior to enrollment in the next year’s program or to receive transcripts or to transfer student records or to register for Thursday Classes.
  • Returned Check Policy – Returned checks will not be re-deposited, but will be charged back on the next month’s statement along with a $25 fee to cover the bank charge and additional bookkeeping. After two checks for the same family have been dishonored or returned by the bank for non-payment, CBA will only accept cash or money orders for payment.
  • Enrollment Reinstatement – Reinstatement of enrollment will be at the discretion of the CBA Board and will be considered only after all issues related to delinquent records and/or fees have been resolved.
  • Thursday Class Fees should be paid in full by August 31. Students may not attend classes with an outstanding Thursday class balance.

Cedar Brook Academy is deeply committed to providing the best in teachers, excellence in academic offerings, and a social and spiritual experience uniquely designed to serve Christian home school families and students. This is a challenging task and the expectations are high for parents, teachers, students, and staff. For college-bound high school students, it should be noted that all college applications now require the high school guidance counselors to report any disciplinary violation by a student when writing a recommendation for that student’s acceptance.
The following guidelines have been established to help us accomplish these goals:

  • Dress & Appearance – Neat and modest clothing is to be worn at all CBA activities and events. Longer skirts and shorts are appropriate – short skirts and short shorts are not. Jeans are allowed. Tops covering shoulders and midriff are necessary. Grunge, punk, hip-hop, pjs, ear rings for male students, etc. or other forms of “costuming” are not appropriate. Extremes in dress, make-up, hairstyle, hair color or other accessories are not to be worn to CBA classes or any other CBA sponsored event or activity. If a staff member or teacher feels any student is not in compliance with the established guidelines the student will be asked to leave or given a shirt or sweat pants to wear for the day. Any student with repeated violations will not be permitted to participate in CBA events and re-enrollment for the following school year will be at the discretion of the CBA Board of Directors.
  • Behavioral Expectations – Students are expected to demonstrate respectful behavior in both speech and actions towards the facility, the staff, and fellow students. Use or possession of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or weapons by enrolled students can be reason for expulsion from the academy.

** Keep in mind that these guidelines apply to all CBA events and activities including field trips, academy sponsored social events as well as end of the year events such as Promotion Night, Senior Graduation, etc. CBA is a ministry and the above policies are intended as an expectation of responsible compliance with reasonable standards. CBA is committed to the success of each family’s endeavor and is eager to work with families in any way to resolve any difficulties as they might arise. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the CBA office.**