High School Program

The high school program offers support to parents who are providing a home-based academic education for their students.  Staff consultants help in setting up the program, choosing curriculum and with day-to-day questions and issues as they arise over the school year.  CBA provides opportunities with optional activities such as choir, field trips, and social activities (bonfire, Christmas party, semi-formal banquet, and school picnics).  Thursday Classes offer optional academic and elective courses under the instruction of paid professional teachers as a preparation for college and the workforce. These classes and activities offer an excellent opportunity to build friendships and community among the students.

A high school orientation for both students and parents is required for all incoming freshmen and newly enrolled families with high school students.   Students and parents must meet with a staff member twice a year to review their program.

Tuition is based on a per family rate and is set by the grade of the oldest enrolled student.  Thursday Class fees are additional.