Thursday Classes

Cedar Brook Academy’s Thursday Class program is designed to give all CBA students a chance to gather together to make friends and study, while coming along side and assisting home schooling parents as they work to provide an educational program that strives for excellence. All students meet at First Alliance Church in Silver Spring which is centrally located for the Cedar Brook families. The Thursday classes are not intended to be a substitute for home instruction – merely as a supplement to what is happening at home. These classes are here to offer parents an option; they are not a requirement. Costs for classes can be found in the registration information.

CBA’s elementary program is designed to help students become accustomed to a classroom setting and to build friendships and community with other home schoolers.  Kindergarteners through 5th graders meet weekly from 10:00 to 12:00 for fun in a lightly academic, highly engaging Christian environment. Registration forms can be downloaded in June and mailed into the CBA office.  These classes follow the same calendar as the Jr. and Sr. high classes. Specific information for these classes goes online under the forms tab in March for the upcoming school year. The current years information is found under the classes tab.

CBA’s Jr. and Sr. high program is designed to help families teach some of the classes that are more difficult to offer at home, to give home schooled students an opportunity to function in a classroom setting with a teacher other than their parents, and to prepare students for the self-disciplined scheduling that college and life demands. Parents are strongly encouraged to oversee their student at home by helping them budget their time throughout the week so there isn’t a rush to complete assignments. Students/parents can e-mail or call teachers with any questions.The Jr. and Sr. High Thursday classes are not intended to be a substitute for home instruction – merely as a supplement to what is happening at home. These classes are here to offer families an option; they are not a requirement – so even though biology, for instance, is a requirement for graduation, it is not necessary to take this class through The Thursday Class Program. An orientation for the upcoming course selection is offered online with a video from the teacher and a course description beginning in March under the forms tab. The current years information is found under the classes tab. Registration is in June.

Because these classes run for only 25 weeks and a great deal of material is covered each week, it is critical that students attend each class. In case of illness, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the instructor regarding missed classes or assignments. It is highly recommended that those families participating in Thursday classes not plan vacations or days off during the time period for which classes are scheduled. Grades will be mailed to the students at the end of each semester as long as tuition and fees are up to date. Specific information for the upcoming school year will be posted soon.

You must mail your registration form and 1/3  of the tuition to the CBA office before the deadline. Registrations received after the deadline will be processed on a space available basis. All class registrations MUST be mailed. No walk-in registrations. Keep in mind that many classes will fill up quickly so it is wise to register early. Registration is based on a first come-first served basis. Remember: Check the course descriptions for pre-requisites before registering for a class and if you are in Jr. and Sr. high indicate the hours you will be in study hall. Do not register for more than one class per hour.

Credits for high school classes will be awarded as explained in the course description. Since students are limited as to the number of credits they may earn in a given year, any student may take a course as extracurricular or enrichment which would not be considered for credit. This should be noted on the appropriate credit contract. No high school credits are awarded to junior high school or younger students.